Hello Sunshine,

I take the liberty to use this nick mane for the last time in my good bye letter.

First of all I would like to thank you for the outcome of our discussion.
Ok, it was not really a discussion as you have been talking without letting me any opportunity to answer or comment, but we both know this was on purpose.

We also both know that what you called elegantly a break is in fact an end. We will not come back together.

Your speech was very well articulated and very to the point. I am very impressed!

You could free yourself in time for the next ride

I think we would agree that the reasons you gave me are not the real one and that you have not been fully honest in the past few days but at the end of the day you tried to be clean and we could say you achieved it.

I am not sad. We have had some incredible experiences and I have learned a lot on the way. I learnt about me, what I want, what I don’t want, I experimented, a lot.

I am also taking pride in the building of the new you and of the new L. She made some tremendous progress over the last two years and I will take some little credits for that.

Your daughter is amazing, truly, a bit manipulating, as her mum, but you should nevertheless trust her fully.

I decided not to see you in the last few days because I do not want nor need your pity.

I am very glad about the clear line we have now drawn, I am not sad at all and feel even relieved. I was torn apart between you and my kids and could not achieve to get them ready in time. Now I have the time so they understand I need to take another path.

I have to get used to my new life, not sharing every instant of my day with you, not getting your views for any topic, not wondering what you are doing at this present time (getting ready to get L back on that Sunday afternoon  ;-)).

As a consequence too I will stick purely to my new role and will not answer on any personal topic even work related. I do not want such a relation with you any more eve if I might need it.

I will never send this message and you will probably never find it here but at least it allowed me to put on paper my thoughts on us.

Good Bye Sunshine, thank for the best experiences in my life since my kids birth and Enjoy your new ride!



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