I became a ghost, just a ghost, moving through the days​ and nights without thinking anymore, without registering anything anymore. A shadow passing by.
I move just to move, not to fall.
I need all my energy just to keep moving, not to crush, not to just sit and cry, not to do anything stupid,  to try to keep my mind out of the black hole she became, attracting all my thoughts.
I cannot concentrate anymore, I drive without knowing where I am, just following the road by instinct. I have no empathy anymore, I am just a ghost, ghost of myself, not caring anymore if I hurt the one I loved, the one who use to be my priority.
On lucky days I can get few minutes of life, few little minutes where I can exchange with her, where I understand she is gone for good, so I can return to my vegetable state, brain unplugged.
Just a moving ghost, flying without feeling, a shadow in the night of days...


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