They call her by her first name, they see she has something magic but fail to recognize it,.

The Sunshine she carries with her irradiate all of us.

this is the only way I know her.

She is smart, she is cute, she is sexy, she has a strong mind, governing her body, she is tall, she is blond, she has the perfect breast, a wonderful smile, she is shy, she is volunteer, she is caring, she is egoistic, she is green, she is profoundly human, she is open, she gives the perfect kisses, she is sixteen, she is blind, she under estimate herself, she does not believe in her potential, she listens truly, she loves fully, she needs a caring hand, she loves books, she can blend in any place, she drives fast, she like Harry Potter, she looks for better, she needs re-assurance, she makes you shine, she lives with music, she is my inspiration, she is my strength, she fights for justice, she loves kids, she shines

She is what I need and more!

With her I am myself, I can breath, I can live, I can try, I can fell, I can be a kid, I can be an adult, I can dream, I can smile, I can laugh, I can cry.

She is the Sunshine of my heart, of my soul, of my life….


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