You wake up one morning and the landscape has totally changed, what you believed was strong had fallen, nothing is visible anymore at the horizon and people around you are not the same anymore.  Then you understand a Tsunami just went through your life.

Washing everything away, throwing on the floor what was carefully arranged, smashing all your delicate crystal chandelier, throwing the roof on your head, obscuring all your windows to the external world, shading the sun, leaving the night… the silence….

You did not see it coming, you heard small rumbles, but you did not pay much attention. A small alert went on in your mind, but you discarded it.

It was not possible, you would see strong signs.

But you did not

And you are now laying on the floor, oppressed by tonnes of remains from the past, unable to move, unable to breath, unable to speak, staring blankly in the dark.

and you try to move. It hurts, tears of pain come to your eyes, but you cannot move.

You can hear the world around but you do not register, you are in a different world.

You try to move again, shaking the remains of the past, the pain did not leave, it just gets worse but you carry on.

Millimeter per millimeter you try to move, maybe an inch now or maybe less?

You do not know where you are, everything is dark around, no lights, just this excruciating pain confirming that you are alive, or at least that your body is ….

I did not see it coming, she left me. Shattering the world, our world, my world.

It was 4 weeks ago and I am still covered by the remains of this once enchanted past, slowly moving, searching for the light, for an exit, alone……


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