Closing a chapter

Hello Sunshine,

it is now time for me to close a chapter in the book of our lives.

We wrote together a very dense and rich chapter. I would have liked it to cover more pages, more years, but you decided differently.

This chapter started the day I saw you in your small office, almost at the end of the third floor. That day, like thunder, you struck me!
You seemed sweet, you were beautiful, I felt you needed somebody to help you raise, you seemed so much than what you were that I felt for you on that same  day.

It took me time to get closer, to create some opportunities to share, to be not just one more french, to know you more, to confirm what I had seen.

Our first start sent me to the moon and to hell in few hours. But I raised and tried to win you again.

My invitation to Sylt was a good inspiration, a good example of what could be our life, an experience we should have repeated more often. Sweden, the path of Kurt Wallander, Berlin, Paris where enchanted moments, they demonstrated us what our life should be, would be.

You crossed the Rubicon in that Smart and for the next 3 years and 22 days you became my energy, my inspiration, my air, my sun, my present, my future, my smiles, my sins, my redemption.

I have been living only for you and with you.
Far from you I was barely surviving, administrating what had to be and preparing for a common future.

You made me grow, you made me change, you made me a better person, you made me somebody worth loving.

We experienced, we tried, we learned, we lived, we loved!

Our sex life was the mirror of our relationship; growing, intense, deep, inspiring, fulfilling.

I know these 3 years carried also some suffering. Some we could overcome and some in the last three months we have been too weak to fight, for good and mostly bad reasons.
The pain might have won over the love but we should have no regrets.
These 3 years will be engraved in my memory for the rest of my life.
They have been filled with emotions, love, dreams, discovery, passion.
I had never been so much myself in my entire life.
I learned what I needed, what I really wanted, what I do not want any more

There has been a before and now there is an after, a new life in front of me.

I would like to thank you.
For what we shared, for what you made me feel, for what you helped me learn.

You are a Star, a Shinning Sun, for ever now...


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