Back to North!

This week I am back in North Germany, the exact place where I have enjoyed 3 wonderful years and a terrible wake-up.
Since the break-up with Anni I had been there only once.
This is the second time, in other 4 months and the last. I have decided to empty my office there and leave it as a hot desk for anybody travelling there..
The day was much more difficult than what I expected ….
Quite few people told me they missed me and were happy to see me back, they even asked if I would be coming next week as before …
I have so many memories there, in the office, all the streets around, the restaurants, the villages, the beach, … I was overwhelmed by so much emotions.
It took me some time, few tears but eventually I managed to pull myself together!
Anni is as lost as ever. She made a decision, clearly still suffer from it but do not want to admit it. As a result she acts very stupidly. She even pretended that she did not have time to have a tea with me because she was too busy… Is she lying only to me or also to herself?
As you have been very good today 😉 I decided to show you two pictures, and you can even see me ;-).IMG_20170718_212311IMG_20170718_203351


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